Timeless-Tours specializes in the organization of music trips and concerts for choirs, bands and orchestras of all ages and musical levels in some of the most iconic venues in our geographical destinations: Portugal and Spain.

At the time of your enquiry we will work with you to identify and choose the perfect venue(s) and most complete day-by-day itinerary to guarantee a very successful trip overall. We also strive to ensure our music tours deliver much more than the performance alone, the whole trip is dedicated to music, with music thematic experiences and excursions, as well as the opportunity to experience the local culture, visiting attractions and embark in optional fun filled team building activities.



Our team has the experience to organise the perfect choir arrangements for your choir tour abroad including the opportunity to sing in a beautiful venue in Portugal or Spain.

If you are looking to organize a choir trip abroad look no further and contact our team of experts to arrange a memorable choir trip abroad where your group will have multiple options of venues to choose from, ranging from local market squares, the most beautiful outdoor venues, concert halls and historical churches.

Our team has the experience to organise the perfect band arrangements for your band tour abroad including the opportunity to perform in a beautiful venue in Portugal or Spain.

Let us tailor-make a unique school band tour in the beautiful venues of Portugal and Spain. The music venues that we arrange for your performance will be proposed based on your technical speciation at the time of enquiry, as well as our local knowledge about what is available in your preferred destination for your band tour.





Our team has the experience to organise the perfect orchestra arrangements for your orchestra tour abroad including the opportunity to perform in a beautiful venue in Portugal or Spain.

Every orchestra tour includes different requirements and expectations. Timeless-Tours works closely with you to ensure that you get the best possible orchestra tour experience. Moving people and instruments can be complex, but we assist you in every step of the way to make it as smooth and effortless as we can assist providing you with cost-effective solutions for transportation, storage and insurance coverage of your musical equipments.



With every musical tour, our aim is the same: to ensure that every group has a smooth, well-organised and truly memorable experience. Our team of staff can assist you organizing all travel, flights, accommodation, a full concert and excursion day-by-day itinerary for you and your group to enjoy.



From the time of your enquiry, we work closely with you to put together the perfect musical tour for your group. All of our musical tour programs include the services of carefully selected full time tour assistants with the experience to provide you all the service and assistance you need on the spot giving you the opportunity to enjoy the time and experience with the rest of the group.



Our fun filled itineraries guarantee that when your school/group is not visiting an historical site you will have the opportunity to experiment some of the most exciting group activities available at your local destination.


Air tickets, hotel selection and reservations, ground transportation, hotel meals, cultural program & experiences, customized itineraries, community services, group team building activities, tour assistance 24/7.


Customized, once-in-a-lifetime travel itineraries and educational experiences.

Visit some of the world’s most significant historical sites.

Community service opportunities.

Fun filled group activities, optional.

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Guides & Tutors.

Verified reservations and schedules.

Fully licensed and insured travel agency.

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